Sofia Gupta


My name is Sofia Gupta and I am a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral in San Francisco. I attended St. Philip’s School from 1st to 8th grade. At SHC I am a part of the Sports Medicine Club, Lasallian Vincentian Youth Service Club, and the Oracle Club which publishes the annual literary magazine, and I play for the SHC girls soccer team. Outside of school I play competitive soccer for a club called San Francisco Glens Evolution and I have been playing with the same girls for seven years now. Additionally in my spare time I love sketching, painting, listening to music, meditation, and studying Ayurvedic and Holistic medicine.  I am half Indian and half Italian and I speak Italian at home with my mother.

After SHC, my dream is to attend New York University and then plan to further my academic career by attending medical school and becoming a pediatrician. I have always found the medical field interesting and helping children is such a fulfilling role in society. Through the i2 Program at SHC I am able to get more hands-on experience with medicine and get closer with my Indian roots studying Ayurveda.



The i2 Journey Begins

This 21-22 school year for i2 I plan on building on my project from the past two years. Last year I focused on collecting data and research regarding Ayurvedic medicine to construct my website educating people on Ayurveda in a modern way appealing to my generation. Additionally, I met with an Ayurvedic doctor, via Zoom […] Read more

i2 Projects