Liam Hansbury


Since I was a child, music has been a big part of my life. Some of my earliest memories revolve around my parents’ favorite bands and the music they loved. Naturally, their taste in music rubbed off on me – and is thus the cause of my early love of artists like U2 and John Mayer. In any case, it was a part of me. Music was always playing in our house, something that I have made my concerted effort to continues, and never let stop. 

Of course, music wasn’t the only thing I fixated on at a young age. All my life, from elementary school up to high school, I’ve always been fascinated by the hows and whys of life. Getting to the root of questions, no matter how small, was always where my mind was. In middle school, I attempted to answer questions within the food science realm. As time passed, however, these silly little experiments testing which type of baking sheet was the best for cookies, or whether organic fruits and vegetables were truly better than nonorganic, flowered into my interest in climate change – which was the main area of focus for my freshman year i2 project. 

Now, beginning my senior year of high school, I’ve become fascinated with the brain and how it processes and comprehends information. The development of neurological disorders and addictions are also some of the issues I want to get to the bottom of. This, combined with my love and passion for music is what birthed my i2 project for this year.

Mind and Music