Matthew Tsang


I’m Matthew Tsang, class of 2022 at SHC. I am from San Francisco and can speak Cantonese fluently. I am a pragmatic, deliberate thinker who enjoys making decisions with efficiency. At school, my favorite classes are English and science, which both require logical thinking. I am curious about the inner workings of the natural world and how humanity conforms to it; this curiosity shapes my i2 Projects, all of which involve resource sustainability. In this way, I hope to major in bioengineering or biology in college. As a student-athlete, I spend my time practicing and competing as a nationally ranked fencer. I own a katana, which I won from the national championships in 2019. In my spare time, I explore new kinds of music. I also play Clash of Clans, which I take pretty seriously. I look forward to completing my high school journey at SHC!


The Bath Bag- Junior Year Project

Do you feel tired of wasting water when taking baths? Introducing the Bath Bag! It is a 6 by 2 ft drawstring bag, meant to bag people! The idea is simple, by taking a bath inside a bag, you reduce the amount of water needed to fill a bathtub. The Bath Bag uses less water than a traditional bath because it decreases the volume of water needed to bathe. 

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Food for the Future- Sophomore Year Project

This project will explain the future of food production, and how to feed an ever-increasing human population as the Earth's resources dwindle. I will explain the ecological destruction caused by today's agriculture, supported by a 5-step solution to produce the food. The objective of this project is to inform and educate individuals about the situation and how to resolve this global problem by 2050.

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