Michael Bandak


Hello, my name is Michael Bandak. I am 14 years old and currently am a freshman for the Class of 2026. I have lived in San Francisco all my life and currently live with my mom, dad, and younger brother. I love to play basketball, read mystery books, and play video games/board games in my free time.

I went to an elementary school in Noe Valley called St. Paul’s, a kindergarten through eighth grade school. During my time there, I started to love my current favorite subject, math. It wasn’t difficult for me to understand and so I picked it up quickly. another subject I enjoy is Science, mainly because when I was very young, I thought scientists could make potions that gave people superpowers.

Besides Academics, I like to play sports like basketball(as mentioned above), tennis, and I’m starting to pick up football too. I love staying active and having a good balance between work and exercise.

During my time at SHC, I hope to make more friends and do the things I love to do even more, and maybe I can get new loves too.

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