Bram Salverda


My name is Bram Salverda, I’m in grade 9. So far, I’m in fishing club, cheese club, and game club. I would like to join robotics club, however, because robotics and engineering has al. I play for the freshman football team with Fionn, Logan, and Shanti. I also like to build things. My dad and I are currently working on a small one room building in our backyard where there was a shed before. This is fun because I get to bond with my dad, and learn new things.
My favorite subjects in school are the ones that I2 focuses on. I really enjoy science, because it encompasses practically everything about how the things around us work. I have been warming up to math, which is good, because I used to hate it. I really enjoy the arts, especially music and visual art. I have played the drums for around eleven years now, and I am in concert band. Although I don’t draw or paint much, I still like to sometimes. I like to play video games as well. I like to play COD, Zelda, Forza, Minecraft, and Fortnite among others.

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