Chloe Lau


Hi, my name is Chloe Lau and I’m from San Francisco, California. My family consists of my mom, her fiance, my dad, his wife, my older sister, my older brother, my soon-to-be younger brother, and me. I went to middle school at St. Thomas the Apostle School from Kindergarten to 8th grade. I am now a senior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. Here at school, I am a part of i2 (inquiry and innovation), AASU (Asian American Student Union), and CSF (California Scholarship Federation). In the past, I was a fencer at the Massialas Foundation where I fenced for 9 years until the end of sophomore year. I have also been tutoring at multiple different organizations and schools since 5th to junior year in high school. In college, I hope to pursue a major revolving around marketing and fashion.

i2 Projects

Coffee Talk

We were interested in this project because we often find ourselves immersed in different political/controversial topics all over social media. We wanted our videos to be a way for both sides of an argument to understand the opposing side’s point of view.

Project details