Colin Gursky


Hi! I’m Colin, and I’m a member of SHC’s class of 2022! I’ve had a blast working in i2 over the past few years and have worked on eliminating SHC’s carbon footprint as well as providing free, easy, and accessible STEM lessons/activities to students from low-income backgrounds.

From my past projects, it should be pretty apparent that I absolutely love science and really all STEM fields, and I thoroughly enjoy thinking critically to develop solutions for complex problems! Additionally, whether it’s math, biology, chemistry, physics or just about anything else, I adore expanding my knowledge and sharing this knowledge with others.

However, I’m not just a complete STEM nerd! Outside of my science and math classrooms, I also have a passion for the humanities, especially classic literature, philosophy, ethics, and all types of history! Academics aside, I love to be on stage performing in theatrical and choral productions, I lead SHC’s Lasallian Vincentian Youth (service organization) and Rose Club (LGBTQ student organization), am part of numerous other clubs and organizations, and play the piano. When not exploring new and exciting academic fields, performing, or participating in clubs, I can probably be found spending time with my family, FaceTiming friends, reading a good book, or watching period dramas.

i2 Projects

Middle School Science Project

Beginning 2019, I began working with middle schoolers at DeMarillac Academy, one of SHC's sister schools, to provide enrichment for their students after school once per week. Every Thursday afternoon,

Project details