Delila Bertelsen


Hello! I’m Delila, and I’m currently in my senior year. I’ve grown up here in San Francisco, and prior to SHC, I attended McKinley Elementary School and Everett Middle School. In terms of academics, I excel in English and Social Studies. Most of all, though, I’m really passionate about the arts. It’s really cool to me how art is so infinite. There’s always something more to explore and create; always another story to tell in a beautiful way. I’ve been training in ballet for nearly 12 years now, although I love to try other styles of dance and delve into different qualities and textures of movement. I also enjoy music, drama, and visual art, but more as an appreciator than an active participant. I’m aware of the irony of me being in i2 despite all of my interests being in humanities, but I believe that art can actually be a crucial part of STEM in some ways. For example, I’m quite fascinated by design, architecture, and urban planning, and the balance between aesthetic and functionality that exists in these fields. My project this year has to do with urban tree canopy, and how implementing visually pleasing design choices can also have drastic practical benefits.