i2 23-24 Project: Breathe Easy

In this project, I am developing an air quality monitor specifically designed to detect and measure pollutants in San Francisco’s atmosphere. The device will utilize advanced sensor technology and microcontrollers for real-time data collection. The primary objective is to systematically assess air quality across different areas of the city, creating a comprehensive map of pollutant distribution.

However, this undertaking comes with its share of challenges. Calibration of sensors for precise measurements is a critical concern, requiring meticulous testing and adjustment. Navigating through the diverse terrains of San Francisco while maintaining consistent data collection poses logistical hurdles. Additionally, the interpretation of the extensive data collected demands the development of reliable algorithms for meaningful analysis.

Beyond mapping air quality, the project aims to investigate the root causes of pollution in collaboration with environmental experts. Despite these challenges, the ultimate goal is to provide valuable insights that contribute to a clearer understanding of San Francisco’s air quality and potential strategies for improvement.