Ella Mei Celecia
About The Project

Magic Mycelium

My project is addressing the problem of plastic waste and its affect on our climate as its production and consumption greatly contributes to the CO2 emissions in our atmosphere and the demise of our planets environment. My project is essentially using Mycelium, the root structure of a mushroom as an alternative for plastic packaging, as well an architectural material to consume the CO2 polluting our atmosphere. According to grocycle.com “Mycelium consists of thousands of delicate, thread-like hyphae that join together to form an underground network of long fibers that grow through organic matter and obtain nutrients.” “Mushroom mycelium is the longest-living part of a fungus. It can remain dormant for several years, waiting for the right conditions to produce mushrooms and reproduce.”
Mycelium has so many benefits as a packaging material, one of the most important aspects is that it is all natural and entirely compostable unlike plastic which takes hundreds of years to decompose and uses a lot of fossil fuels to create. Mycelium products are the future.

Project Infographic