Fiona Gard


Fiona Gard was born and raised in San Francisco California. In school, she is an AP student and student-athlete who maintains at least a 4.00 GPA. She is an active participant in the SHC Dance Program and is Co-Captin of the SHC Dance Company. She is also a member of the first Women in Sports Advocacy Club, in SHC history. In the Inquiry and Innovation Program (i2), Fiona has helped to build the i2 website and will be one of the producers of the 2021-2022 i2 student showcase. Outside of school, Fiona works as a hostess at the Napper Tandy Irish Restaurant and as a ballet teacher for San Francisco Dance Space. She also regularly attends ballet classes and has performed in several ballets. In addition, Fiona volunteer’s her time for the Sister District Project in SF and as a Girls on the Run coach.