Hailey Woo


My name is Hailey Woo, I am a San Francisco native, and have had a Catholic, private education my whole life. I spent my K-8 in St. Finn Barr Catholic School and I am a senior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. I was admitted into the school along with admission to the Inquiry and Innovation program which is for scholars who excel in STEM. I was one of thirty chosen out of the thousands of people applying to SHC for my exemplary work in problem solving subjects like math and science, but with a great emphasis on math. In my spare time, I participate in Mock Trial and Sports Medicine at school. When not in school, I enjoy playing electric guitar/bass, meditating and deep breathing, skateboarding, perfecting makeup skills, and thrift/bargain shopping.

My aspirations are big, and I know I have the ability to pursue them due to my hard work in classes and cumulative GPA of a 4.2. I am very interested in pursuing law and becoming a private lawyer to make a change in the world and have more women and Asian-American women in the field of law. I know my hardworking mindset and thirst for success will get me through law school and make me very successful in the future. In the future, when I am rich, I hope to collect non-depreciating assets like electric guitars and invest my money in the stock market, like my dad has taught me from a young age.

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