Kiana Moniz


I was born and raised in San Francisco but lived in Hawaii for a small amount of time. I attended Roosevelt Middle School before entering my high school years at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory.

I am a very dedicated and hard worker, in which I love challenges and competition. I also love to travel and learn new things. Some of the classes I appreciate are English and History because they always open my mind to new ideas or theories. In my free time, I enjoy going outside and staying active or, spending time with family and friends. As a student-athlete, I also spend my time training.

Recently, one of my proudest moments was accepting an MVP trophy from my basketball team. I can proudly say I have multiple first-place medals and trophies, from tournaments, as well. I am looking forward to trying different things and stepping out of my comfort zone.

I2 Projects

Law Enforcement's Perspectives on Community Relations

Through a series of interviews, I was able to recognize the different viewpoints of law enforcement workers.

Project details