Matthew Grigoryan


My name is Matthew Grigoryan and I am a Senior at SHC. I was born in San Francisco and went to AP Giannini Middle School. Some of the activities I enjoy are skiing and fishing, and I love art, philosophy, and science. I have always been inspired by the questions of the world and I am hoping to pursue a major in cognitive science, which is basically the study of the mind and the process in which we think. My biggest aspiration is to create technology that allows humans to record our dreams, but I’m still a long way away from that. Some of my achievements are that I created an audio story that is part of a local museum’s online collection and that I was a part of a leadership program at a ropes course.

i2 Projects

Trippa Clothing: The Crossroad of Art and Business

I have always been interested in clothing and how we can express art and meaning through the apparel we wear everyday. I wanted to combine this passion of art with the aspects of marketing that it takes to run a business. This is important to me because it is a chance to sharpen and grow my skills in creativity and business. I know that this project will be a great opportunity to spread my ideas and I know that my audience of customers will enjoy and appreciate creative and unique clothing.

Project details