Sarah Caulder


My name is Sarah Caulder, and I am currently a sophomore at SHC. Some of my hobbies include playing volleyball, making art, and crocheting. I have been playing volleyball for 7 years this year, and I play both for the school and club. I am currently playing in club season, and I am excited to continue pursuing my career as an athlete. I am involved in the art program at SHC as well; I am taking Art 3,4 this year and am published in the 2021 Oracle addition. I enjoy the community and programs that SHC provides to students, and I look forward to getting involved in more of these communities in the future as well.


Meyers Briggs and StrengthsFinders Reflection

According to my Meyers Briggs profile, I am an ISFP (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving). For the StrengthsFinders profile/strengths assessment, my top five were 1) Intellection, 2) Includer, 3) Achiever, 4) Adaptability, and 5) Learner. These profiles did match largely to how I see myself, especially on the Big Five strengths/talents. My number one talent/strength according […] Read more

Project Update 3/12/22

At the beginning of this project, we were toying with the idea to make an online shop, but we ran into various obstacles. So, abandoning the idea of making a website from scratch, me and my partner Angel decided to instead make an Etsy shop and Instagram to go with it. We chose this to […] Read more

Project Update 3/2/22

For this year’s project, me and my classmate Angel are building a shop to sell our crafts and art. Currently we are setting up prices for our products, which will include stuffed crochet animals and stickers. Our next steps are to establish an Etsy shop and Instagram as well as research charities and their donation […] Read more

i2 Projects

The Rabbit Burrow Homemade Goods Shop

Our i2 project this year is to develop an online shop that sells homemade products, gifts, and art. Some of the products will include crocheted animals, stickers, and drawings (possible commissions). We’re creating this shop to raise awareness of certain charities (related to the environment, poverty, education, etc.) as well as showcase our art on a new platform

Project details

Arch Support Socks

This project is an arch support sock that can be worn around the house. As a result of my experience with a foot injury, I learned that adequate arch supports are necessary to a quick recovery.

Project details