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Intentional Living

Every person who is reading this has procrastinated at some point or another. But that’s okay! There is no need denying  it — we pretty much all do it. According to National University, 86% of high school students have experienced chronic procrastination. That is a daunting number, a number that has increased exponentially since lockdown […]


The ANC App is an application that will be able to generate Active Noise Canceling through ordinary headphones. ANC, which has become the increasingly popular method of noise-canceling is used by companies such as Apple, Bose, and Sony. But, despite these headphones being efficient, the cost of ANC headphones is high and most of that […]

Lantern AI

LanternAI is a handwritten Chinese character and radical recognition program made for helping students learn Chinese! Written in Python, LanternAI utilizes machine learning to identify over 7,000 Chinese characters. Chinese is the top language in the world with over 1 billion speakers! The Chinese written language is character based, with each character representing an idea. […]

Schoology App Redesign

I set out to solve Schoology’s poor user interface using a REST API. Schoology, especially its mobile app, have plenty of utility but are very inefficient to work with. Here’s a quote from one GusSnarp on the App Store: “Schoology itself is a poorly designed system that attempts to turn what ought to be like […]


Link to CalTrails! CalTrails is an online tool which lists curated hiking trails in the Bay Area which are easily accessible by public transit and a reasonable distance from downtown San Francisco. This project was realized out of my frustration in finding new places to hike during the pandemic. Like many people, I rediscovered my […]