About The Project

Trippa Clothing

We have always been interested in the various ways people can express themselves. In this project, we were intrigued by the notion of clothing as a means of expression and the positive influence that a fashion brand can have on society. Clothes can play such a vital role in representing the ideas we embody and as students in a school that requires a uniform we became even more curious about this idea. At the same time, we recognized that the innovation and inquiry program is centered around the idea of giving back, through creative and unique means. Because of this, we decided to create Trippa Clothing, an idiosyncratic clothing brand that utilizes our personal creative design and business skills to create apparel that gives back to the community. Our goal for this project is to take the proceeds from the brand and give them back to our community, such as donating to homeless shelters in the neighborhood. We are very excited and grateful to work on something that allows us to explore our creative domains and simultaneously helps others.

We are currently in the process of creating our clothing and are excited to sell them and give back to the community!

Project Infographics