Ellie Mullen


Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m a junior at SHC.  I’m interested in psychology, biology, and ethics. Outside of school, I have run, for the last six years, a film festival aimed at inspiring young girls to pursue their interest in film. We began as a local festival, but have since grown, receiving thousands of submissions from all over the world. It is completely run by me and five other teenage girls, who put the entire event together, including screenings, a keynote speaker, and awards.

At SHC, I help run a service-based organization, where I specialize in teaching underprivileged elementary and middle school-aged kids STEM through project-based learning.  I also am on the leading team of SHC’s Oracle, an art magazine we publish every year consisting of students’ artwork. I also dance, both in and out of school, doing ballet and contemporary.

Some of my i2 projects over the last few years consist of a closer look at how I put together the film festival, the formulation of a line of easily accessible waste-reducing bioplastics, and a study about how varying women empowerment all over the world impact women in a professional setting.

This year I am participating in Student Launch Initiative, a shark-tank type club aimed at helping students grasp what it takes to run a business and how to do it. I am also participating in Tedx at SHC, which is a student-run official extension of Ted at our school.

i2 Projects

Outcome of Empowerment

We looked at the impact varying levels of women empowerment across the world impacted a variety of factors and success levels among women.

Project details

Plant made Plastic

I created various prototypes of easily accessible, partially recycled, and biodegradable bioplastics

Project details