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Creating Bioplastic

After traveling, swimming, surfing, and researching, I became invested in our growing plastic problem. I googled what I could do to help, attended beach cleanups, and research new solutions. One that interested me was bioplastics. Many utensils had become compostable, and this idea of bioplastic was rising, but I felt its use was minimal in comparison to the use of petroleum-based plastics. For most products, it was used because it was the most convenient and economically beneficial option. Though this is a quick and cheap solution, in the long term it threatens the sustainability of our society because they can never naturally break down the plastic. Instead, it just fragments into many small pieces creating microplastics. With most plastic never actually being recycled, leaving it to threaten wildlife, as they may ingest the plastic or it can threaten animals habitat.

For my project, I wanted to create something that could help lead our world to a more sustainable future, so I focused on making a bioplastic that when disposed of would not have the same disastrous effects as petroleum-based plastics. To do so I used natural ingredients including starch, glycerin, and gelatin, creating plastic decompose without creating microplastics and not disturbing wildlife environments

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