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Safe Harbor

For my i2 project, I decided to look into the world of surrendered babies, at safe haven sites like hospitals and fire stations. I had an idea to mimic the red white and blue most babies are wrapped in at American hospitals, but change them to be special to the infants being taken in after being surrendered. I am fascinated by safe haven baby boxes, an elaborate system to drop off a baby at a fire station. However, as I soon realized, the firemen are primarily responsible for assessing the child’s medical needs and ensuring their safety. In addition, I was alerted that far too many children are never surrendered to safe haven sites, but rather abandoned in unsafe conditions. I wish this could change. I want to be a part of this change in the San Francisco Bay Area region, and inspire millions of other communities to educate themselves and offer help and support to those in need. Next comes the planning stage, working with social workers and hospitals to find the area of need, and get working to prevent unsafe abandonment, establish a connection for children without a sense of grounding, and ensure the safety and happiness of all children, one at a time.

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