Capen Ades


Hi and welcome to my page! My name is Capen Ades and I am a senior here at SHC. I went to middle school at A.P. Giannini and I live in the Sunset district of San Francisco. I have been a part of the i2 program all four years and have worked on three projects throughout that time. Some of my favorite extracurriculars I participate in at the moment are student council, varsity lacrosse, singing (through four choirs at school as well as an outside program), and Student Launch Initiative (an entrepreneur club at school). These four years of being a member of i2 have been so much fun and I’ve learned so much along the way. Enjoy my page!


Reflections on The Pledge Project

My project for this year is called ThePledge. It is a platform where teens and young adults can post challenges that benefit someone or something, and encourage their peers to participate in those challenges with them. ThePledge also doubled as my project for Student Launch Initiative, a school-based entrepreneurship club, and I did it with […] Read more

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