Reflections on the SpheroSafe Project

While conducting this project, everything went pretty smoothly. There were a few bumps in the road, but my project partner Sylvia and I were able to produce a great informational website along with our three supplemental infographics. Making this website was a great experience that taught me more about important issues occurring around the world, as well as how to work efficiently and productively with limits due to the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, this project met my expectations, as I believe it truly demonstrates and reflects the amount of time and effort we put into it. I am most happy about the presentation of the website and what we chose to do as our project. I feel that this project fit perfectly with what was occurring around the world at that time. The project ultimately portrayed the importance of news outlets and safety devices, apps, and tools. Although I think we did an incredible job on our project with limited resources, I still think we could have improved on different aspects of our project. We definitely could have had better time management by starting this project earlier in the year and spent more time on the different sections of the website. With more time, we could have been more detail-oriented and make the website designs look more appealing. In the end, I learned a lot more about crucial issues that persist in our world today, collaboration in uncontrollable circumstances, and the benefits of local, national, and global news sources.