Reflections on the Liquid Metal Batteries Project

When Sylvia and I first started this project, we thought that our ultimate goal was to create a liquid metal battery. However, we soon learned that we are unable to create a liquid metal battery with the resources we have. Despite this setback, we decided to still continue with the project and make a model of a liquid metal battery instead. From that one point on, we changed the direction of our project and focused more on the educational aspects of renewable energy and the benefits of liquid metal batteries. Having this setback taught me how to adapt and overcome an issue like this in order to continue progressing with the project. Additionally, it taught me more about renewable energy, the side effects of lithium-ion batteries, and another way to reduce my carbonfootprint. The setback had an outcome I was not prepared for but led us to success in the end, which I was not expecting. In a way, this project did and did not meet my expectations, as I was prepared to make a liquid metal battery but later switched to a more educational perspective. Either way, I am happy with our results and how the presentation of our work turned out. On the other hand, I feel that we could have educated ourselves better and learned that we were unable to create a real liquid metal battery at home. Regardless, I was still able to learn so much about renewable energy, collaboration on a long-term project, and how much liquid metal batteries could impact our lives for the better.