Starting Fresh

This is my third year as an i2 scholar, and I am excited about the new opportunities this year will bring for me. I am still enthusiastic about conducting a project that would help benefit the well-being of others and would like to continue doing so. However, I have decided to not continue with my previous project Spherosafe and realized that I want to pursue a new project idea. I am currently interested in doing a project that involves the brain and how it functions. One of the main influences of this idea came about after taking AP Psychology. This class allowed me to discover a new interest in the human mind and why we are wired the way we are. Although the class was difficult, I certainly appreciated the content I learned from the class, and I am glad I took up the opportunity.

I am unsure of what in particular I would like to pursue in my junior year project, but I definitely want to focus on psychology and neuroscience. I am looking to do a project that is mostly research-based rather than creating a product since I am not sure what to create that falls under psychology and neuroscience at the moment. To supplement my research, I would like to try and get in contact with people who do work in the psychology or neuroscience field to demonstrate the vast abilities of the mind. Although it may be tough, I am looking forward to this year and can’t wait to see what this idea turns out to be!