Kismet – i2 Project ’23

This year, I am adapting my idea of a two year project from last year into a project centered around the same idea but with a different target. Rather than immigrants who are struggling with finding their place in society, we are focusing on young children who are still in search of an extracurricular activity they can hone in on. The plan is to create profiles of the kids on their current interests in order to assess who they are in an effort to find an activity that they would enjoy, and then find someone (a mentor) who can help them delve into this interest. While I was originally going to do the project by myself with kids from Up on Top, an after school program where I volunteer, I instead decided to work with other people with a similar idea, with the hopes of being a centralized group working with kids from Up on Top as well as De Marillac Academy, where they had already started. Part of the reason why I decided to change my project is because it is a lot more scalable than my old one in the sense that we can work with more and more after school programs and elementary schools throughout the city.

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