Aanya Shah


Hi there! My name is Aanya Shah, and I’m currently a sophomore at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. My favorite subjects are math and chemistry, which I find myself enjoying learning the most.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I’m an avid sailor and participate in the SF Sea Scouts program and the Golden Gate Yacht Club. I have learned many leadership skills through Sea Scouts over the past 3 years, and have witnessed my personal growth throughout the years.

At SHC, I am a part of the yearbook and am trying to explore more clubs and hobbies this year. When I find the time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and love listening to music!

I am honored to participate in the i2 Scholars Program, where I hope to grow my passion for STEM and engage with like-minded peers. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio!

i2 Projects

Productivity Assistant

The Productivity Assistant is a personalized tool to help students study as efficiently as possible. It consists of a three minute "quiz" that surveys students' struggles when studying (ex: procrastination, time management) and pairs it with a productivity method to implement in your study schedule.

Project details

The Future of Work

My project is a forecasting project in which I will research and determine the potential impact of AI on popular workspaces and careers that current students are interested in. This will allow us to plan for a different future and question if our education-based decisions will set us up for success.

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