2022 Project

For my junior year at SHC, I plan on continuing to work in the same group as last year with a different project idea. Last year we ran into some obstacles that we were not able to get around so we are deciding we want to move on to something new.  Although at this point we are not sure on what we want to do for our project. We were thinking about doing a project on the subject of baseball, a subject that all of us are interested in.

Some ideas that we have given a little bit of thought about was looking at the different compositions of bats. With this, we would look at different bats and see which components of the bat would lead to the most power, or that would lead to the best bat possible. Another possible idea that we have discussed would be a laser strike zone. However, we have run into multiple issues with this with the vertical always going off if the ball is over that plate and the horizontal would always go off if as the batter would interrupt it.