WHY i2?

The Inquiry & Innovation Program is a four-year leadership and enrichment program that challenges students to inquire how their capabilities and passions can serve communities from the local to global scale and to explore innovative ways to do so effectively.

The i2 Program develops students’ creativity, analytical abilities, problem-solving, and leadership skills through a curriculum that integrates STEM, liberal arts, and service. Through annual projects, field trips, talks, performances, and outdoor adventures, students examine and address ideas and issues outside the classroom.

As they involve themselves in the many programs at SHC, including Robotics, the Student Launch Initiative, and TEDxYouth@SHC, i2 students build their capacity to create positive change in the world.

The i2 curriculum begins with dedicated ninth-grade Physics and World History courses, which emphasize the inquiry process and inter-disciplinary problem-solving approaches through field trips and in-class discovery. Over the next three years, scholars are strongly encouraged to take at least one computer science course so that they have a working understanding of the digital technologies playing an increasingly important role in their lives.


A key part of the i2 experience is the annual i2 Project, a yearlong exploration of an important problem or challenge informed by their unique interests and abilities. i2 scholars follow a process inspired by design thinking and lean innovation principles to develop thoughtful and often novel approaches to addressing these problems. Each year, i2 scholars enroll in academic explorations that delve into design thinking and lean innovation processes that will inform their projects.


Habitat For Humanity Field Trip

I2 Scholars across all grades participated in a volunteering field trip with Habitat for Humanity. Students volunteered from 8 am - 4 pm building homes as a community.

MSI Field Trip

Rafting Field Trip

Class of '23 Seniors went rafting over the summer!


The i2 Passion Projects represent a significant amount of effort and work which is recognized on the transcript of i2 scholars as a 1 credit, pass/fail course each year called an Academic Exploration (AE). i2 scholars are automatically enrolled in the i2 AE, while other students not in the program may still sign up and participate in the passion project.


Respawn Studios Panel Discussion

We met with a 3D art director, a programming lead, and a senior game designers from Respawn Studios, makers of Titanfall and Apex: Legends to discuss what it was like working in the video game industry.

The Design and Engineering of Prosthetics

We had a seriously interesting talk by Michael Plafker, a prosthetist who helps design and fit the latest prosthetics for amputees. He talked with us about the whole process of designing, fitting, and wearing prosthetics. In addition, Mr. Plafker joined by one of his amputee patients who shared their experiences wearing and designing their own prosthetics.