Adilene Ryan


Hello and welcome to my i2 page! I hope you enjoy looking through my projects. At SHC, my favorite classes are Biology, Environmental Science, and Language and Composition. I love understanding the natural systems we depend on and how the world works at both molecular and big-picture scales. Examining the subtleties of texts, advertisements, and speeches in Lang, and discovering the nuances of convincing arguments is also deeply fascinating.  I spend some of my after-school time at Theater Tech, Earth Action club, and our school paper, the Emerald. As a freshman on stage crew, I filmed our fall production, and now two years later I am excited to work behind the scenes during this year’s play! It’s so rewarding to work on a set for months and watch it come together-along with lighting, sound, and actors-in the week leading up to opening night. As Layout and Design for the Emerald, I created our first print edition in several years and love assembling photo, article, and comic contributions from across the student body in one place. I also spend my afternoons at swim practice and meets for our school team and I have fun sewing, baking chocolatey treats, and making collages.

i2 Projects

2020-21: Crafts for Change

From the very start of this school year, I knew I wanted my project to involve the worsening climate crisis. When brainstorming [...]

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2019-20: Cereal Finder

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so why is also the most overlooked? Mornings are rushed, but nutrition shouldn't [...]

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