My 2023/24 Project

This year, we’ve been tasked to base our projects on solutions to climate change. While I have not completely decided on my project, I am deciding between heating or powering homes through carbon capture, solar grills, and a study on solar power for SHC. I am also potentially interested in investigating how diseases will spread through mosquitoes and other pests due to a widened livable habitat and climate change.

November 28th, 2023 Update:
The i2 shark tanks have been delayed from next week to mid-January, allowing us more time for our project over Christmas Break. For my project, I am thinking about a new electrical system and ventilation system for SHC’s La Salle campus, making use of renewable energy in the form of solar power and high-efficiency heat pumps which are able to produce more energy than they are provided by adding refrigerant reversers to air conditioners, a technique much more efficient thank gas-powered furnaces.