i2 Project Update 2022: Train the Brain

My initial plan for this project was to create a code that simplifies the philosophy created by Dr. Kawashima; doing simple problems every day can help train your brain to build better communication and memory skills (among others). I also planned to test this website with a couple of candidates to prove whether this process can truly train your brain. So far, I’ve been pretty successful executing what I planned to, though it wasn’t the smoothest process, I’ve learned a lot more about coding in python and how to create a web page that functions how I want it to. In comparison to my initial design of this website, I haven’t made any big changes.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t anticipate creating this type of website using python would take quite so long, and because of this, I’ve pivoted to making my testing time with candidates down to two weeks, which is still an optimal time. One insight I’ve gained from this project is just how to code using python, but I’ve also learned a lot about the philosophy Dr. Kawashima is spreading. The reason why I’m doing this project is that I was very interested in what he was explaining in his book, and I decided to create an online version that is simpler than all the worksheets he provides.

The most challenging thing I’ve found about doing this project is just the coding part of it. I do have a background in coding, and it’s been a topic and activity that I’ve been interested in for quite a while, but I’ve never created anything as complex as the website I’ve created for the project. One person who’s been incredibly helpful with this is my dad, who also has a strong background and history with coding. He codes all the time and knows a lot more about coding in Python than I do, so he’s been beneficial in helping me figure out what I needed to do to create this functioning website.