My 2023-2024 Project

This year, I will be attempting to create a website/app students can use to inform them of the class options at our school. I plan to include descriptions of each class, with generalized ratings and a way to compare similar classes. My goal for this project is to create a convenient place for students to learn more about their class options in upcoming years. I plan to use student and teacher surveys to display real perceptions of the classes.

The problem I am solving is students not being very informed of the options they have for classes. I find that this is a big problem because people want to enjoy the classes they sign up for, and they should sign up for the class that is right for them. It is very hard to do that with so little accessible information on classes. Many less popular classes are challenging to find information on, and even very popular classes have mixed reviews per the person you ask. My goal is to generalize all the perspectives of past students of each respective class and create an easy-to-understand breakdown of the class.

I came up with this idea when trying to choose my classes for this school year last spring. I realized that I didn’t know much about the options that were available to me, and though the school has a curriculum guide, it isn’t specific to each person’s preferences. My goal with this project is to be able to help students be as informed as possible on the class options before registration.

The biggest challenge so far at this stage is trying to figure out how to condense so much information in a simple layout. There is a lot of information that I want to display, but I have to narrow it down to what students would find the most useful and what would be the easiest to understand. I am currently working on mockups to visualize how the website would look.