Alivia Zhao



Starting My 2021-2022 Project

For this year’s project, I will be partnering with Marina Lui to develop Lantern AI, a Chinese character recognition program. Using Python, Github, and machine learning, we hope to train an AI to either recognize handwritten Chinese characters from user input stroke by stroke, or look at a typed Chinese character and determine its radicals […] Read more


Growing Hope: An Urban Planting Guide

Growing Hope is meant to be as accessible, concise, and informative as possible. Our website makes it easy to grow plants, knowing that your garden in the city is doing its part to bring our planet back from the brink.

Project details


LanternAI is a handwritten Chinese character and radical recognition program made for helping students learn Chinese! Written in Python, LanternAI utilizes machine learning to identify over 7,000 Chinese characters.

Project details