Angel Chuang


Hello! My name is Angel, and I’m currently a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral. To introduce myself briefly, I’m an avid pianist, volleyball player, and plant lover. At SHC, I’m involved with the Jubilee Choir as well as the Oracle! In my free time, I enjoy hiking with friends and family, listening to music, and writing short stories.

From the past several years that I’ve been a part of the i2 program, I’ve pursued my passion for mental health, specifically in teens. I hope to tackle the mental health arising amongst the teenage population.


The i2 Journey Begins

As a junior, my journey with i2 has spanned across the past several years, ever since I first stepped foot in high school. I’ve met new people, gotten close with them, and now call the people I first met at the pizza social my closest friends. I’ve grown and matured, as well as learned and […] Read more

i2 Projects


For my junior year project, I decided to combine my experience working with kids, interest in mental health, and entrepreneurial spirit to complete a two-part project called BOARD. My goal is to delve deeper into the complexities of having kids return from several years of virtual, online learning back to in-person learning, as well as create a solution.

Project details


Brandt and Angel first became interested in the topic of mental health in their Freshman year, and have pursued their learning in this area through our AP Psychology class, where we learned about the different aspects of an individual's mental health. Through COVID-19, they became increasingly aware about another pandemic-- a mental health pandemic. Especially in teens, rates of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders shot through the roof. Targeted towards the SHC community, Brandt and Angel decided to create the MENTALITY podcast as a way to promote students' mental and physical health through sharing real experiences from others, what their struggles have been, and how they've overcome them.

Project details