Mental Central v1

This school year I’ve chosen to move past my last year’s project which was the KEA Planter. At first, I wanted to have the KEA Planter in SHC on a bigger scale, but I’ve decided that the school pretty much has its own watering system down and that SHC wasn’t the greatest place to test it out. Last year’s project was a good intro to I2 and I learned valuable lessons that I want to input in this year’s project in a different way.

For my project this year, I’ve decided, with 3 other friends in I2, to create a website that is a safe place for teens to educate themselves on different mental illnesses and how to help, find resources, and ask questions. My group (Emma, Katia, Fiona) and I brainstormed a few ideas we’d like to have on the website. We’ve decided to name the website The Mental Central.

Some of the ideas we hope to include:

  • a section relating to mental illness open to the public
  • interviews with teenagers, parents, teachers about their experience with mental illness or how they improve their mental health
  • a page about mental illnesses and links to pages that have more information

We hope to have a good amount done by the showcase to display our website.

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