Blog Post 1

This year, I am doing my first i2 project. My partner, Morgan Lee, and I have thought up a project targeted towards the deaf and hard of hearing community. Our plan is to make a clear portable screen that can translate nearby audio into subtitles. To do this, we will make a frame shaped to fit around an LCD and its circuitry. The screen will also be edge lit instead of back lit, so that direct light won’t be needed to see the words on the screen. My partner Morgan asked an ai to create code for us, which will be doing the closed captioning job for us once we upload it into the LCD. We are also hoping it will be small and portable, but for now, our prototype will be larger. The reason we want it to be portable is so that those in the deaf and hard of hearing community can use it in their everyday lives. Morgan and I haven’t collected data yet relating to how people who are deaf and hard of hearing think of this idea and its convenience, but we are planning an interview with Mr. Green, our school’s ASL teacher. Hopefully we can get some useful feedback on our project from our interview.