My 2023-2024 Project

This year for my i2 project, I decided to focus on the sport of tennis. I wanted to create something that would be helpful and efficient for tennis players, which is where the idea of building a Tennis Vacuum robot came from. I started my research, discovering that there is currently a robot for sale that functions just as I planned for mine too. However, it starts at $3,000, which is quite expensive for most people. My goal was to create a more cost-effective solution that would function just as well. I gathered all the necessary parts(motors, basic robot base, wheels, Arduino board, wires, etc…) and started assembling. As of right now, I have successfully assembled the base of my robot, connected the motors to the Arduino, programmed it to move, and built the front attachment that will roll over and collect the tennis balls. I am proud of my progress and can’t wait to continue my next phase for next years project!