Ava Perez


Hi! My name is Ava Perez and I am a freshman at SHC. So far, I  have joined two clubs, Kapamilya and Sports Medicine. Outside of school, I am a candidate for my black belt in Taekwondo, which I have been dedicated to doing for 5 years. I think it is a great way to learn self-defense and know how to protect myself in unexpected situations. In addition to that, I am learning Kali, which is traditional Filipino stick fighting. It is super cool learning more about my culture and their way of living. One of my favorite classes at SHC is ASL. I find it extremely interesting and amusing to learn another language that does not involve speaking. 

During quarantine, I was hugely into baking and doing tedious hobbies, such as diamond painting, sticker by number, and even making my own jewelry. Baking was my outlet for any boredom, especially when we were trapped in the house because of Covid. I even FaceTimed my friends while baking, so we can bake cupcakes together! I found that doing diamond paintings, sticker by numbers, and making my own jewelry were extremely soothing and were, in a sense, like therapy to me. Speaking of “therapy,” I LOVE listening to music and can’t go anywhere without AirPods. Here is a little bit about me!

i2 Projects


A new way to improve fish hatching rates due to ocean warming by protecting eggs in water.

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