Beckett Andersen


My name is Beckett Andersen; I was born in San Francisco, California, and went to St. Stephen’s Elementary School. My brother, who is two years older than me, gave me much inspiration throughout my educational career. He was admitted into the i2 (Inquiry and Innovation) program at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, and ever since he did, I strived to achieve the same. I worked hard in my 7th and 8th grades and was admitted to Sacred Heart as an i2 Scholar.

I enjoy many things to do with engineering, especially mechanical and automotive. I played lacrosse for 2 years before high school and made the Junior Varsity team in my freshman year. During the summer, I also enjoy surfing when I can. For a long time, I have been interested in cars, especially the work that goes into building them, as well as the challenge of driving them well. I was nominated for a STEM-Focused Leadership Program called Envision. This helped expand both my knowledge and interest in STEM. I also enjoy backpacking, especially in Yosemite. I have gone for a two-week trip every year, which culminates in an ascent and summit of Half-Dome.

i2 Projects

Biodegradeable Airpods Case

The biodegradable GPS AirPods case serves to address the issue of lost AirPods in a convenient, cheap, and environmentally conscientious way. Our built in GPS cases would be cheaper and more effective than Apple’s current solutions of the find my network and AirTags. In addition, our cases would be significantly more discrete and cheaper than air tags. Finally, our cases would be manufactured out of biodegradable thermoplastics, which are more environmentally friendly than alternatives like silicone.

Project details