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Environmentally Conscious Lifestyles

Currently, climate change, global warming, disappearing bee populations, may just be words you hear in the news. With everything going on in the world it’s understandable that in your day to day life you do not think about the environmental impact of every one of your actions. Does anyone? However, something you can do it spend a few minutes of your day to learn about ways you can be more environmental conscious. Spend a few more minutes sorting your trash into compost, recycling, and trash. Start reusing plastic water bottles instead of buying a new one each time. Cutting out using single use plastic all together. And maybe you could spend a few minutes informing your friends about what they can do to help the environment. Through my i2 project I hope to inform the SHC community about how to be a more environmentally conscious citizen through their actions. It’s not changing legislation, or raising thousands of dollars but if all of our small actions are added together, we make a big difference.

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