Car Claim Pro [Summer 2023]

Finished an AI Prediction Model that predicts car claims. This project was something I worked on over the summer as a beginning point to work toward a different project with the skills gained. Car Claim Pro can be found on my GitHub. If you would like to try it out and access our website you can use it on REPLIT after pulling it on GitHub. Once doing this you will find a detailed display of many many different Machine Learning Models that we tried and many visuals to go along. Below the trailer there is a button that allows you to try out the model. By using Gradio we were able to implement the model into our website allowing you to input values and our model gives a prediction. The model is a Decision Tree that has been optimized. The F1 score was .185 for the final model.

By creating this model it will be the stepping stone for the next project involving more in-depth ML.


You can access the project yourself here :