Blog Post – Update

A lot has changed since my initial proposal for my project.

At first, I came in with the idea that I would be able to program a large program that had multiple different games that tested individual cognitive functions. After doing my research, I have realized that this is not possible with my current ability and time restraint for the project. Instead, I switched over to a much simpler approach. Rather than making a bunch of games, I would make just one game that would test my reaction time. This would give me more time to develop a menu as well as polish off other aspects of the program.

As of now, I have completed the reaction program and it is accessible through the main menu of my game. It is a simple game with clear instructions and it allows the user to replay the game to improve their time. I am currently trying to work on storing these values in a list and then displaying these in the statistics menu but that is currently a work in progress. I am having trouble moving these values from one scene to another scene, as the script only stores them locally in the “Game” scene, but I want to display them in the “Menu” scene.