The i2 Journey Begins

I am so happy to have been excepted into the i2 program, and so excited in what the future holds in terms of projects, learning, and friendships. Over the course of this last month I’ve met so many new people, made new friends, and experienced a lot of what the i2, and overall SHC community is all about. Having a minimum 2 classes with everyone in the program for my grade has definitely made making new connections a lot easier and a majority of the close friends I have so far are from i2.

Over the next 4 years in the i2 program I am hoping to advance my knowledge in engineering, and science more specifically mechanical and electrical engineering as engineering is a passion and career I wish to pursue. In my i2 projects, I will definitely be incorporating manufacturing and bringing the ideas I have to life. Besides that I also am hoping to overall improve at collaborating and connecting with other people. Having the ability to interact with people in the i2 community so easily will help me be more confident and improve at such an important skill for college and for life in general.

One thing that I am a bit hesitant of is choosing what I want my i2 project to be. Having to come up to something that I know I’ll have to commit to for the next nine months is quite intimidating and I would be lying if I said that I knew what I wanted to do. On one hand I want my project to be meaningful and impact the world in a positive note. But on the other hand I also want it to be something I genuinely enjoy and would stick to for 9 months. In the end finding an idea with both characteristics is something I’ve been searching for and will be thinking of in the near future. When it comes to it, I’m still so excited for these next 4 years and what they bring. I know there will be many challenges, but with the i2 community behind my back, I know I’ll be able to overcome them.