Shuffle Boards Updates—2022

As the year has progressed, my junior year I2 project—Shuffle Boards—has developed and grown. Currently, I have designed my game boards and game cards, and I am in the process of testing, ordering, and finalizing the project. Once this is done, I need to create my instructions, and I will have a finished game as the product result.

Though I originally planned to have all the twists and turns of the game included on the board, it made the board look too crowded. In order to fix this, I created game cards which have different obstacles or rewards, and will be randomly drawn from the card deck if the player lands on that corresponding space. This not only cleans up the look of the game, but helps randomize what happens at each new turn.

The most challenging aspect of my project throughout the whole process was probably designing the game exactly how I wanted it. It took a lot of time to figure out how I wanted the game to work, and then how I would execute that on each board. However, I received help from my family in how to style the game (colors, formatting, obstacles, etc.), and they also have helped me test it out to make sure everything runs smoothly.