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Link to CalTrails!

CalTrails is an online tool which lists curated hiking trails in the Bay Area which are easily accessible by public transit and a reasonable distance from downtown San Francisco.

This project was realized out of my frustration in finding new places to hike during the pandemic. Like many people, I rediscovered my love of the outdoors because of the Coronavirus lockdown leaving few other activities available. However, I had trouble finding new places to hike given the fact I did not drive a car. Through many attempts of trial and error, and taking various different forms of public transit throughout the Bay Area, I have compiled a list of trails that are both convenient to get to and naturally beautiful. Many of these trails I now hike regularly. For example, my favorite trail to hike is the Dipsea Trail from Mill Valley, which takes about an hour to get to using Golden Gate and Marin Transit buses. For a shorter trip, I can also take the 101 bus directly to the Morning sun trailhead in the Marin headlands, which takes about 25 minutes. I compiled these hikes and more on a web site that lets people like me who love to hike but do not own cars easily access public parks.

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