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The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so why is it also the most overlooked? Mornings are rushed, but nutrition shouldn’t be sacrificed as a result. In theory, cereals would be the perfect solution: no preparation required, quick to eat, and little clean-up, but they are often packed with concerning amounts of sugar instead of the nutrients we need. This year, I made the Cereal Finder, a tool where users can escape misleading advertisements and flashy packaging to quickly find the best cereal for them. Looking at each individual box’s nutrition label in the grocery store is very time consuming and you may not even find exactly what you were looking for to begin with. With the Cereal Finder, this will be a problem no more. It makes finding the right breakfast for your specific needs efficient and effective. With a simple drop down menu, you can set limits (or not) on various nutritional amounts such as the calories, protein, and sugar per serving. Though the original target users for the Cereal Finder were parents who seek the best food for their children, the final product is accessible to anyone who is looking for a better breakfast. 

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