Christina Chew


Hi! I’m Christina, and I’m currently in the ninth grade. We haven’t gotten that far into the school year, but I really enjoy being in the French Club, Sound Crew, and Photography Club. In addition, I really like being in chorus since we are like a close-knit community full of singers there to help each other improve. I am having fun being in the Creative Writing Club, especially since I have a passion for writing poetry and other forms of writing. Separately, I find many of my school subjects interesting since I really enjoy learning. Nonetheless, I am fond of some classes more than others. I delight in English class because I enjoy reading and writing. It teaches me new vocabulary, how to analyze books, and new writing styles. In addition, I am keen on History class because I find it fascinating. Learning about our actions in the past can help ensure us to not make those same mistakes again. On the other hand, we can also use past experiences and what we did right to influence our path ahead.

Outside of academics, I enjoy playing piano. It really soothes and relaxes me. I love listening to classical music, so it is wonderful to be able to play some of my favorite pieces. Additionally, I enjoy serving and helping others, which is why I take delight in volunteering to assist other places. Furthermore, I always wanted to help serve at a pet shelter since I love animals. As a child, I used to do ballet. However, I had to quit because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, this didn’t hinder my love for dance. Thus, I truly enjoyed it when I was offered lessons on how to learn swing dance. I have a great love for mythology, especially Greek mythology, as well. I find many of the tales fascinating. Moreover, I think that the differences and similarities between the cultures are very unique and interesting. On top of that, I have an interest in baking, especially making goods and pastries for my loved ones. Baking is a way for me to bond with my mother, as we both are fond of baking, so we will often do that for hours on the days I have off. What’s more, I also feel joy listening to music. I do this daily, as often as I can, even when doing homework. I enjoy a plethora of genres of music. I find it amazing how words and melodies in a song can make you feel different emotions. Into the bargain, I really enjoy reading and writing, as you may have gathered. I try to read daily, as you can really get lost in a good book while learning new vocabulary in the process. On the other hand, I write poetry whenever I get the chance or if a new idea really grips me. I also improve my writing skills by helping my best friend by editing her stories since she is a writer like me. I hope you have learned something new about me and that we can be friends!


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