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Hi! I’m Christopher, a senior in the i2 program at SHC. Some of my hobbies are playing guitar, hiking, and reading. My favorite classical guitar song is La Catedral by Mangore and my favorite book is probably the realist novel The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas. For fun, I like to go on hikes and bike rides around the Bay Area. I am interested in a wide array of subjects, but most keen on biology and environmental sciences which I hope to study in college. My achievements include creating a short film about the Pandemic, going on a bike tour across Northern California, and building a bass guitar for my freshman year i2 project.

This year, I have launched CalTrails, a comprehensive website showcasing hiking and cycling trails in the Bay Area easily accessible by public transit. Throughout my life, I’ve loved the outdoors. Ever since I was a little kid, I would go on hikes and bike rides around the city with my family. I was very lucky to live in San Francisco because the city is so connected with its natural surroundings. As I grew older, I kept exploring my hometown and ventured further and further into the suburbs to find new places to recreate. Through this, I became well acquainted with the Bay Area’s public transit system and have now created a one-stop shop for anyone like me who wishes to explore the Bay Area’s beautiful nature without a car. This website provides trails of all skill levels for hiking, road cycling, and mountain biking along with descriptions such as the type of terrain and where to find water. The transit directions are also shown with links to the timetables of the buses or trains taken. With CalTrails, Bay Area hikers and cyclists have all the information they need to recreate outdoors using public transit.

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CalTrails is an online tool listing curated hiking and cycling trails easily accessible by public transit and a reasonable distance from downtown San Francisco.

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