My 2023-2024 Project

Paragraph Hey SHC, this year the current plan is to come up with a compilation of AI generated murals for every day that I can show off at the end of the school year. Basically, how it’s going to work is I’ll take the Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, TikTok, etc. APIS and use them to draw on the trending keywords, news, or trends throughout the day. Then, I’lI take that data and plug it into a place like Midjourney or Dalle and grab an AI senerated mace maso con sidering generating a lew, and making a website or social media post for peonle to vote on their favorite one for that day. B the end. I should have a het amount ot images that I can make into a collage to showolf to everyone by around May.

The goal is to try and spread awareness and show off the capabilities of these AI art platforms (still working on a more specific focus). After brainstorming a bit, I realized that this year I wanted something that was more visually interesting, so I ended up looking for some stuff to mess around with AI art. I figure that by presenting the art in a more relatable way, letting people sort of look at summaries of the past half a year, it’ll give a better understanding of how these programs tend to understand the themes and prompts that we give it. The idea mainly came from thinking about how I could visually show Al in a way that would be intriguing to people but also have something for them to connect to.

For now, I think my biggest challenge is going to be figuring out how the generation is going to interpret real life people. After some experimenting, I managed to get a few celebrities to turn out alright. However the further you look down the ladder and the more obscure people get, the more it sort of struggles and gets a little crazy. I definitely think that I’m going to need to tweak some settings, and maybe establish a mitering process on what keywowrds I keep or not.