Coffee Talk Introduction

Coffee Talk

Our group was inspired by the pressing contemporary topics that we felt were being dismissed and decided to highlight them in simplified animations to raise awareness. Our main goal was to create a project that would allow us to create animated videos that were digestible, impartial, and complementary to the youth. Throughout this process, we aim to educate others while also broadening our scope of education on these topics as well.

Our first project was on the topic of fast fashion and its repercussions on other aspects of life. We focused on providing the stats to support the claims while also emphasizing the large effects fash fashion has on other parts of our lives other than simply clothing wear: climate crisis, sustainability, child labor, overconsumption, etc. Not only do we point out the large perspectives, but we also were able to provide alternatives and solutions to the problem. In this way, our audience members can find ways to combat and also contribute to the solution against fast fashion.

Although we have only gotten the chance to research and fully execute one animated presentation for fast fashion, our group plans to expand our project to highlight other pressing topics/discussions that we think should be heard. There is always much more to explore!

We were interested in this project because we often find ourselves immersed in different political/controversial topics all over social media. We wanted our videos to be a way for both sides of an argument to understand the opposing side’s point of view. Our videos are going to be mostly unbiased and informational rather than fully opinionated but we may lean towards a side if we feel we must. Our main goal is to educate all people from children to teens to adults.

Project Infographics